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paris airport shuttle

paris airport shuttle
CDG - Disneyland
ORLY - Disneyland

Beauvais - Paris
Beauvais - Disneyland


Paris airport shuttle, airport transfer and private shuttle service between Paris and its airports.


Q. What is airport-shuttle ?
A. An airport shuttle is a shuttle bus that transports airline passengers to and from a commercial airport. Passengers wait at the shuttle stop for the bus to arrive, and at appointed areas where shuttle pick-up and drop-off are allowed at the airport. There is a prearranged schedule for shuttle arrivals and departures at the airports and the other shuttle stops. Shuttles can be as large as a city bus, or as small as a private van

Q.What kind of services do you offer ?
A. We offer several transfer services :

Shuttle shared transfer : This service offers a transfer with one or more stops on the way to your arrival point. The transfer type may consist of your party plus other passengers. It is an easy and an economical way to move door-to-door from Roissy Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais airports to Paris hotels and Disneyland.

Private transfer : By selecting this type of transportation you will be contracting a transfer between the airport and your chosen accommodation for your party only. As soon as you meet your driver you will depart for your destination. No waiting for other parties and no additional stops. We provide private cars or shuttles for 1 to 3 persons,4 to 5 persons or 6 to 8 persons.

Limousine transfer : It is the most exclusive and high quality transfer service in Paris.

Q.Which places do you serve?

Shuttle shared transfer : the shuttle service offers you several transfers :
- Between Paris airports (Charles de Gaulle, ORLY, Beauvais) and Paris city
- Between Paris airports (Charles de Gaulle, ORLY, Beauvais) and Disneyland Resort.
- Between BVA airport to CDG airport

Private transfer : the private service offers you several transfers that can be customized according to your request:
- Between Paris airports (CDG, ORLY, BVA) and your accommodation in Paris or suburbs.
- Between Paris airports (CDG, ORLY, BVA) and Disneyland resort
- Between Paris city and Disneyland resort
- Between Orly airports and CDG airports / BVA and CDG / BVA and Orly
- Between Paris city and Paris trains stations
- all destination upon request

Q.How can I send on my thanks for the shuttle service?
A.We are always grateful for any feedback regarding your experience with us and it is, always nice to receive positive comments.

If you would like to write us regarding our staff or our services, you can do so by clicking on the link of our Customer Support team on our website.
If there is a particular person from whom you feel you received excellent service, let us know their name, so that we can pass your compliments on to them personally.

Q.How do I make a complaint?
A.If you wish to make a complaint, you can click on the link of our Customer Support team on our website. Our Customer Relations team will be happy to investigate and resolve your issues for you.


Q.I would like a price quote. How much will cost my transfer?
A.You may obtain our best rates by booking online. When you fill out the form, the system automatically gives you price rates according to some preregistered parameters.
However, you can send us an email and we will be glad to answer you as soon as possible.

Q.Which kind of transportation do I need ?
A.If you are not sure about the kind of transfer that you need, or simply need to know how many cars you will need according to the number of passenger, you can simply ask us, via email, to advise you about-it.

Q.What currency are your rates in?
A.Our currency is Euro based.


Q.Why do I have to reserve in advance?
A.According to the law and to ethical duty, our company doesn't compete with regular taxi's network.

Moreover, booking reservation ahead brings you tranquility : Tranquility of not waiting in the well-known huge line of the airport taxi station after an exhausted flight. Tranquility of not being forced to change money at excessive rates of the airport change desk. Tranquility of being aware of the effecting public prices and chose the mode of transfer the closest to your needs.

Q.How far in advance do i need to book?
A.We require a minimum of 24 hours prior to arrival to accept a booking. To be sure that your reservation has been well registered you have to book at least 24 hours before your flight departure time.

Q.I would like to book for today / tonight, will it be possible?
A.To be sure that your reservation will be registered, you may call us before booking :
+33 (0)1 79 21 89 89

Q.During the reservation should I fill the arrival /departure time scheduled ? or shall I calculate myself the recommended hours of pick-up / drop-off ?

A.When filling the flight departure/arrival time, you have to type the time written on your flight tickets. Our system automatically calculate the pick-up/drop-off time.

Q.Our party requires to be dropped off / picked up at different locations. How do we book?
A.This is a personalized quotation that our website form can not provide you. You may contact us by email to get a special quotation, we will be glad to help you to find the best solution.

Q.We only need a one-way transfer, how do we book?
A.By filling our
website form, you can notice that we dedicate a part for your arrival and a different part for your departure. If you only need a pick-up from the airport, you may fill only the first part : ARRIVAL. If you only need a pick-up from your accommodation to the airport, you may fill only the second part : DEPARTURE.

Q. We are two parties arriving at different times, and would like to travel together in the same vehicle. How do we do?
A.We simply recommend you to book a regular reservation which includes the total number of passengers but you may type the flight time arrival of the last party.

Example :
- Party 1, arriving at 14h00, number of passenger : 2
- Party 2, arriving at 14h30, number of passenger : 3
- the reservation will be : 5 passengers, arrival time 14h30

Q.I have not received my confirmation e-mail
A.If you did not receive your confirmation over 24 hours after booking, you may send us an email and ask us to send it to you again.

QI have lost my email confirmation what sould I do?
A.If you loose your confirmation before your departure :
You may ask for a new one by email and we will send it to you as soon as possible.

Q.If you loose your confirmation during your trip what sould I do?
A.To avoid any problems, we recommend you to remember (and eventually write it on another paper) your reservation number and the telephone toll free number of our company written on your voucher. These are the basics informations that can avoid you to be disrupted at your arrival.

Q.My computer crashed or i made a bad manipulation when I was making a booking. Did it get through?
A.Our booking procedure is divided into 3 parts, the first one is about your flight arrival and departure informations and the second one treats about credit card informations. Once and only once you can read the following paragraph, it means that your booking has been registered:

Thank you Ms/Mr ********

Your request & payment details have been forwarded to our reservation department. Your reference number is : *******.

You will receive a confirmation containing the transfer procedure within 24 hours.

In the unlikely event that you have not received a confirmation within 24 hours or have another urgent inquiry then you may contact us at Please use the reference number showed above for further correspondence.

If you need more informations about Paris, if you are interested by sightseeing tours, diner and cruise on Seine River, museum pass or if you need any information about the "city of Lights" you should visit

We thank you for using our service.

The team of”


Q.Can I book if I don't have a credit card?
A.We do accept cash payment on request.

Is it safe to use my credit card over the Internet?
A.Using your credit card to make purchases via our web site is a secure way to pay for your bookings - as safe as booking through our telephone reservations center.
All sensitive information, including personal details as well as credit card
information, is kept confidential through the use of our secure server software (SSL).
We do not retain live records of credit card information on our web servers after the transaction has been completed (i.e. you will need to enter your details each time you book over the Internet).

Q I am trying to book for a shuttle but my card keeps getting rejected. Why?
A.There may be a number of reasons why your card has not been accepted:

# You may simply have entered an invalid card number. The most likely reasons for this are that you have mistyped the card number or missed some of the digits, or you have not entered the card number we need. Please try again, checking your typing carefully

Most likely for security reason, your bank did not authorize the transaction, as it is an international charge

# The card type you have specified (Mastercard, Visa) does not appear to match the card number supplied. Please go back and check that the card type selected is correct

# Your bank has declined to authorize payment for this amount

# Your card may be of the type that requires the card holder to be present,and is therefore not suitable for telephone/Internet bookings

We accept bookings made with the following credit card companies: American Express, Visa, Visa Delta, Master Card, Diners and JCB.
We do not accept debit cards (Switch, Maestro, etc).

If you still have problems, please contact the issuing bank of your card, as the payment is not being authorized by your bank.


Q.Are the shuttles/cars smoking?
A.All our car fleet is non smoking

Q.Are the shuttles/cars air conditioned?
A.Yes, all our car fleet is equipped of air conditioning systems.

Q.How many passengers can hold each shuttles/cars?
A.Our shuttles can seat up to 8 passengers + driver


QWhat is the first thing that I have to do after landing at the airport?
A.As soon as you exit from the plane and just before taking your luggage, please call our toll free number :
0800 508 928, from any France Telecom public phone (this number does not require a phone card or coins).
This permits us to know that you well arrived and that the driver can wait for you.

Q.How will we find our driver at the airport?

PRIVATE TRANSFER : your driver will meet you at the exit from the customs hall inside the airport terminal. The driver will hold a sign with your name written upon it

SHUTTLE TRANSFER : your driver will wait for you at the meeting point of the terminal. The meeting points are listed on the electronic voucher given to you by mail after your booking is confirmed.

Q.We may take more/less than 30 minutes to exit. Will the driver be there?

A.Driver will be waiting for you. The 30 minutes indicated is an average time passengers take to exit with luggage. If you foresee that you will take less time (only hand luggage) or more (reduced mobility, etc) please advise in the observations box.

Q.I have walking difficulties, so it may take me a while to come through. Will the driver wait for me?
A.Yes, the driver will wait. If you foresee an extended delay, please indicate this fact in the observations section of the booking form.

Q.What happens if our flight is delayed, or I miss my connecting flight?
A.We ask for your flight details at the time of booking, so the drivers can check the arrivals board.
Drivers will wait up to 30 minutes after flight has landed (time allowing for collection of luggage and clearance of immigration / customs.)
If you have problems collecting your luggage or clearing inmigration, please call our passenger service telephone supplied on your booking voucher.
However if you know your flight is going to be delayed, or have missed your connecting flight, we request you to advise our passenger service by telephone or by mail at your earliest convenience to re-schedule drivers.

Q.How long will the driver wait for us to clear customs at the airport?
A.The driver will normally wait up to 30 minutes after your flight has landed before making enquiries with the airline, customs or immigration. After this procedure and if there is no sign of the passenger will the driver leave the airport.
If you are delayed in customs, immigration, baggage collection or lost luggage please call our offices to ensure that your driver will wait.

Q.I am only bringing hand luggage. Will the driver be there as soon as I land?

A.Our drivers are usually waiting for you at the airport half an hour after the flight has landed. If you do not have any luggage, please indicate this fact in the observations section of the booking form. The driver will be ready for a quick exit.

Q.What happens if I can’t find my driver at the airport?
A.In this case, please call the emergency telephone you will receive with your booking confirmation, and you will be directed to your driver.

Q.Does the airport transfer take us directly to our accommodation?
PRIVATE TRANSFER : yes, we transport you directly to and from your chosen accommodation, or as near as the vehicle can get. Occasionally this not possible for access reasons (narrow or pedestrian streets, private estates, or type / size of vehicle physically not allowing a nearer approach, police requirements, meteorological conditions like snow blocking access to hotel, etc. ) in this case you will be dropped and collected at the nearest available point.

SHUTTLE TRANSFER : the driver drop all the passengers off to their personal accommodation. The itinerary is prepared in advance to optimize distance and time.

Q.How long will our transfer take?
A.We do not indicate the time it takes to get to destination as it varies depending on traffic conditions, however if you ask for it, we do give you an indication of the distance in Kilometers and the average estimates time of transfer.

Q.We will need to stop to get keys, Can we continue to the apartments?
A.Yes, there is no problem for a brief stop to collect keys and continue to your accommodation in the same city. However, you must advise us of the collection address point in the observation box on the booking form. If the key collection point is further or request a deviation than your actual destination, you will be charged of the *** price.

Q.How close to the accommodation will we be dropped off?
A.Our service is a door to door service, you'll be dropped off at the entrance of your accommodation.

Q.How much shall i tip the driver?
A.You can decide to tip or not to tip the driver according to your personal experience and your personal relationship with him.


Q.Shall I confirm my return transfer?
A.You must confirm your return transfer to permit us to schedule our planning transfer.

Q.We would like to arrive at the airport well in advance of our flight. How can we ensure this will happen?
A.We aim to transfer our passengers 3-3 ½ hours prior to flight take off. However, with private transfer, you can request another pick-up time in the observation box in the booking form.
Most airline companies open their check-in desks 2 hours prior to flight take off, and close check-in 40-45 minutes prior to flight take off.

Q.How close to the accommodation will we be picked-up?
A.Our service is a door to door service, you'll be picked-up at the entrance of your accommodation.

QHow close to the terminal will we be dropped-off?
A.Our service is a door to door service, you'll be dropped-off at the entrance of the terminal.


Q.One of our party is disabled and has a wheelchair. Can we use the transfer service?
A.If you will be traveling with Motorized Wheelchairs or an Electrical Disability Scooter, these are considered as baggage, so there won't be any problem to put it in the baggage.


Q.Do you cater for baby seats?
A.Yes, Baby seat option is available on both Private Transfer services and Shared Shuttle services. When booking, please note the age of the child and your need for a baby seat in the observation box.


Q.What is the baggage policy for transfers?
A.Each passenger is allowed one normal sized piece of baggage and one piece of hand baggage. Any excess luggage must be declared at the time of booking.


Q.Do you allow pet transfers?
A.We are happy to cater for pets accompanying their owners. You must have a correctly sized container to carry your pet, otherwise we may refuse travel for your pet. The following requirements must be met:

* The container must be large enough for the pet to stand up, turn around and lie down in a natural manner. Your pet will be in the container for some time and therefore, it should be as comfortable as possible.

* The container must be strong enough to protect the pet during transport, be secure enough to contain it and have sufficient ventilation on all four sides to ensure the air quality in the container will not deteriorate.

* The door must be secured in such a manner that it will not open accidentally or your pet cannot open it during handling and transport.

* Your pet's nose and paws should not be able to fit through any ventilation opening or door mesh.

* The container must have a water pot and a food container accessible from outside.

* Fiberboard or wire mesh containers are not suitable for air transportation.

Detailed instructions on the container specifications can be found in the IATA (International Air Transport Association) Live Animals Regulations. Most pet stores and many kennels sell containers or they can be made to measure to the IATA specification.

Q.How do i book for a pet transportation?
A.You may book normally, and in the observations box include a note indicating that you will be traveling with a pet. You will also need to indicate the dimensions and weight of the container (container weight must include weight of your pet).
Please note normal baggage restrictions apply, and you will most likely require to book additional luggage space so we position the correct type of vehicle.
Unaccompanied Pets are not currently catered for.
Pets are transported at owners own responsibility. Any transportation to pets normally produces stress to your animal and must be taken into account if you have a very sensitive animal.


Q. I want to change my booking. How do I proceed?
A.You may modify your booking at any time up to 72h prior to your arrival date, simply by notifying us by mail or by telephone.

Q.I want to cancel my booking. How do I proceed?
A.Please note that cancellation policy is 48 hours prior to the date of arrival or departure.

Q.I have missed my connecting flight. What do I do?
A.To be able to re-schedule your transfer pick-up, please call our passenger Support telephone you have received on your booking confirmation.
To re-schedule your pick-up you must call Customer Support before the time your driver is scheduled to meet you at the airport.

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